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Amphibian Frog Paintings

Amphibian Paintings, Frog Paintings, Fun Frog Art, Salamander Paintings and Frog Prints. Amphibians are a key indication of the Earth's health and stability. A frog art symbol can mean life and fertility in many countries and cultures. Frog symbols can also represent a huge number or reincarnation. Whatever the reason - many people love frogs. Velvet Green loves frogs (especially our ponds River Frogs)because they sing us to sleep in the evening and reminding us that our environment is healthy.

Big Frog Big Frog
Big Frog by artist Chris Harman. One day I stretched a large canvas and told my wife that I was going to paint a big frog painting. My wife said "Why do want to do a big frog painting? Don't paint a big frog." So I did exactly what she said not to do and now it is her favorite painting. As you can tell I like frogs. The reason for painting "Big Frog" was to immortalize a frog that I photographed for desktop wallpaper for my frog lovers page. This is the same frog in the top left corner of this website.
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Blue Spotted Salamander Blue Spotted Salamander
Salamander Art - Blue Spotted Salamander by artist Chris Harman. Found commonly in the Great Lakes region and the North Eastern region of the United States, the Blue Spotted Salamander is a commonly found friend at Velvet Green. Our pond area harbors the perfect environment for this mole salamander.
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Fall Frog Fall Frog
"Fall Frog" by artist Chris Harman. This frog painting is of a frog during the fall season just before going into hibernation. This frog art painting was sold to a local business owner soon after completion.
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