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Original Wildlife Paintings

Original Wildlife Paintings by Velvet Green. Our original wildlife art paintings include Mountain Lions, Black Bears, and Whitetail Deer, and more. Wildlife art paintings can provide your home and business decor with the original pieces that you have been searching for. View all of our Original Wildlife Art Paintings below and choose the More Info button to view close ups of all wildlife paintings. We also have selected paintings available as Fine Wildlife Art Prints.

"Fighting Bucks" Wildlife Painting "Fighting Bucks" Wildlife Painting
Original Wildlife Art Deer Painting - Fighting Bucks by Chris Harman. This original acrylic on canvas Whitetail Deer painting was a different style project where I focused detail on just the head and antlers of the six point whitetail deer. I left the rest to the viewers imagination to finish. The painting still reveals much of the under painting and pencil sketches. View MORE INFO for closeups.
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"Out of Nowhere" Wildlife Art "Out of Nowhere" Wildlife Art
Out of Nowhere Black Bear Wildlife Art by artist Gina Harman. Black bear of Michigan coming from out of nowhere is based on an actual occurance that my friend Jim experienced in the wild. He was exploring the Upper Peninsula and came across this black bear with no warning. Jim did get a photo of the black bear and submitted it for me to paint.
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Wildlife Art - Buffalo Painting Wildlife Art - Buffalo Painting
Wildlife Art - Buffalo Painting by artist Gina Harman. American Buffalo originated in the U.S with herds that were massive in size. Once numbering 60 to 100 million, it is now estimated that there is a total of 350,000 surviving throughout the Great Plains. My buffalo painting is a reflection of their population return and the progress that has been made in the restoration of the herd. This buffalo painting is part of a private collection in the Netherlands.
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Wildlife Art - Deer Painting "Falls Harvest" Wildlife Art - Deer Painting "Falls Harvest"
Wildlife Art - Deer Painting "Falls Harvest" by artist Chris Harman. This original wildlife art painting of two whitetail deer is a depiction of the abundance of deer life in Michigan and the sport of hunting. Whitetail Deer are reddish brown in the spring and summer, then turn grey-brown throughout the fall and winter. A male can weigh from 130 to 220 pounds, but some have been known to be of excess of 350 pounds. Click the title above to learn more about Deer Hunting in Michigan's Upper Peninsula at the Macaulays Deer Hunting Property.
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Wildlife Art Painting / Mountain Lion Painting - The View Wildlife Art Painting / Mountain Lion Painting - The View
Wildlife Art Painting / Mountain Lion Painting "The View" by Gina Harman. Mountain Lions are elegant creatures, smart and keen. The setting for this original painting is high above the plain, where everthing can be easily seen and contemplated. Mountain Lions also known as Cougars, Panthers, and Pumas are native to the America. They prefer areas that have heavy brush and rocky places to stalk their prey. They can way anywhere from 110 lbs to over 155 lbs. They are agile hunters that stalk everything from bugs, deer, moose, elk, and big horn sheep. May Mountain Lion Painting...
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