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Lake Superior Jewelry with Agates!  Lake Superior Agates are semi-precious stones.  Fine sharp banding of an agate increases the worth of the agate.   When cut, ground, and polished, the banding and colors are breathtaking!
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Lake Superior Agates & Stones

I want to thank you for visiting my Gitche Gumee Handcrafted Jewelry page.  Each of my Lake Superior Agate Pendants are handcrafted and wrapped in copper by me, Gina Harman. The copper wire wrap and pendant is then patinaed, polished to highlight it's finish and finally completed with a handmade necklace. 

Each of my pieces are great to wear year-round and no two are the same.  All of my new pendants come with a  and is finished with a necklace. Great pendant to wear year-round - especially while rockhounding!  ALL of my pendants come with a 21-22" antique copper plated necklace.

All purchases of $75.00 or more will receive FREE Shipping!

♦  Visit:  www.lakesuperiorpendants.com

"I invited you to visit my Lake Superior Pendants website to view my available pieces." — Gina Harman

Artists Chris & Gina Harman

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