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See Everything You Need to Know About Your Website Traffic Report at a Glance!

Keywords, keyphrases, number of visits, pages viewed, hits, bandwidth, month view, day view, hours, web traffic by country, your top pages within your website, types of browsers, who is linked to your website and how much web traffic they send to your site, and more!  Each of these web traffic report statistic areas also offers "Full List" that you can click on (during the current month) to view even more info about that certain category!  This is a must have for advertising.  You WILL know if paying for a link within a directory is working for you.  And remember - all of our website clients get all these services & FREE advertising in &!

Below is the Velvet Green Creations Web Traffic Report for the year of 2007.  With our new website, we are expecting our web traffic report to grow in 2008.
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