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Murals and Interior Design

This is just a small list of mural and interior design projects done at Velvet Green Creations.

Large Scale Whale Mural Large Scale Whale Mural
A Blue Whale leads the way for all his friends at the Presbyterian Church. This marine life mural is 9 1/2" high x 30' long. It is full of Killer Whales (Orcas), Tropical Fish, Coral Reefs, Squid, Sharks, Baracuda, and much more. It's a beautiful mural and fun to see.

Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash
Mosaic Tile Kitchen Walls. Broken tile that was collected for over 5 years was the foundation to this project for our home. Our goal was to incorporate our surroundings into the subject matter. We chose the beauty and tranquility of pond life that was outside our door. It was an extremely fulfilling project that we will cherish forever.

Ojibway Museum Murals Ojibway Museum Murals
We received a call in early 2003 regarding a project in St. Ignace. Project involved 2 large 3' by 6' tall murals done on canvas with heavy master stretcher strips. Paintings include a wolf, bear, loons, marten, raccoon, beaver, eagle and other animals.

The Washboard Lady Mural The Washboard Lady Mural
She's a women of tradition, hard working and a part of history. Born from a logo that showed only a graphic image of a lady washing clothes on a washboard...I could not wait to paint my rendition of what a "washboard lady" surely looked like and her surroundings. Painting is 5'x12'.

The Whale Room The Whale Room
A Living Room with a Living Wall! This is our personal "Whale Room" that we use for entertainment for the family. The interiors of the room compliment the walls filled with Dolphins, Whales, and Fish. We add to this project every year, anything nautical that has a "Captain's Cabin" feel. A ship's wheel will be attached to the ceiling along other ship-like items that we find on e-bay or estate sales.

Wellness Center Hospital Interiors Wellness Center Hospital Interiors
Helen Newberry Joy Hospital Interiors. A new addition to the Helen Newberry Joy Hospital in 2002 included Weight Lifting, Cardiovascular, Physical Therapy Rooms. With all the new space, they asked for my assitance on the interiors. Here you will see the finished product which includes a large logo mural and three other rooms with murals and "bagged walls" that coordinate with the border.

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