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"Dreaming of Snails"
"Dreaming of Snails" Human Form Portrait Art Human Form Portrait Art Human Form Portrait Art Dreaming of Snails by artist Chris Harman. This is a portrait of my daughter Jesse. Jesse at the age of 6, found some wood snails while looking for salamanders with my son and I, from under logs and fallen leaves in the woods. She brought them home and put them in a terrarium along with some dirt and plants. Within a week we noticed that the snails layed eggs and soon baby snails were everywhere. I used to build furniture for our home out of ruff-cut lumber and one of the pieces that I created I called "The Snail Bench". Each bench had a carving of a wood snail on the backboard. In this painting my daughter is sleeping on the snail bench and unseen in the painting is her terrarium with her family of snails. This is one of my favorite paintings and represents some of best days of my life when things were simple.

Artist:Chris Harman
Size:20"H x 30"W
Medium:Acrylic on Canvas
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