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Featured Testimonial: Drummond Island Tourism Association
"Dear Gina and Chris,

Within minutes of sitting down with the two of you over lunch, Amy and I knew that we had found the web designers that the Drummond Island Tourism Association was looking for. We had a shopping list of issues and things that we wanted done for our website.
  It was clear to us that we were about to overload you with 60,000 words of contect and almost 200 pictures, maps and charts.  We had talked to several other web design companies and they were all iffy on one issue or another, but not you two.  We told you we had deadline issues and not only did you meet these, but you finished early.  I could write on and on about all the great things you did to make our website special.  You met our wants

Velvet Green Creations, Featured Testimonial:  Drummond Island Tourism Association - Michigan's Ultimate Playground
and made what should have been a challenging experience seem easy.  On behalf of the Drummond Island Tourism Association (DITA), I want to thank you for all your hard work."
—James Kelley, Co-editor

"Working with the Drummond Island Tourism Association was incredible.  Jim Kelley was so organized and had so many ideas.  The website has multiple templates which change within different areas, random icons that represent activities or highlights of the island, an online movie (produced by Sue Kelly), interactive map (we used the newly Drummond Island's Map and Chris made it interactive - a must see!), send a virtual postcard (Progamming Tyler Hastings), online magazine (made possible with the services of Blue Toad), mileage calculator (Programming Tyler Hastings) and more information than any other website we had ever put together.  Please visit their website. They have a unique place that they are promoting as "Michigan's Ultimate Playground" - and in my opion, it truly is!"
—Gina Harman

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