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CMS Content Management Web Designers

Our CMS "Back Door" allows Velvet Green Web Design Clients to update their own websites whenever needed from any PC in the world.
This incredible cms content management web design tool will give you opportunity to update your website without waiting for updates.  Why wait to let customers know what is new, what products have been just unveiled, what new photos you have to show them, what new services you are offering!  CMS Content Management Web Designers EMPOWER clients to update their website at will!  We help your business grow without the cost or wait for updates!

Manage Content easily with our Powerful Tools that allow users to:

»Add New Pages
»Delete Pages
»Add and Change Text Instantly
»Create Photo Galleries
»Update Online Products
»View Web Stastistics

»Upload PDFs
Upload Audio
Upload Video
Change Menu Order
»Customized Online Web Calendar Available
»NO Web Experience Necessary!

Introduction to our Velvet Green CMS Content Management System built and programmed here at Velvet Green Creations Web Design Studio

After creating your new self-maintained website, we then set up a custom back door that allows clients to log into.

A unique Username and Password is given to each client.  You will be able to access this back door from any computer in good working order. 
CMS Content Management System Login
Here is your index to your website that welcomes you and shows you the statistical make-up of your website.  

When you work in this CMS Back Door System, you will only be seeing the "content" area of your website.  It will be absent of animations and the "designed" area of the website.  We keep it very simple, with no distractions.

CMS Content Management System Web Design for Clients - Back Door Log In

Your CMS Content Management System Back Door - Unique and Built for You

Each CMS package is a little different.  There are a few items that are needed by all users:  View Site Statistics, Edit Page, Create a Page, Delete a Page, Recycle Bin, Edit a Menu (a menu is where your web navigation menu is found - buttons that lead to other pages), and you will always be able to change the order of your web menu.

CMS Content Management Options for Editing Site

By selecting Edit a Page, you will then be directed to a drop menu that shows you all of the pages that have been created.  You simply select one to begin.

No web experience necessary to update your website, and best of all - future updates don't cost your company anything & you won't have to wait!

CMS Select Page to Update

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