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"Fighting Bucks" Wildlife Painting
"Fighting Bucks" Wildlife Painting Wildlife Art Paintings Wildlife Art Paintings Wildlife Art Paintings Original Wildlife Art Painting Fighting Bucks by Chris Harman. This original acrylic on canvas painting of a Whitetail Deer was a different style project where I focused detail on just the head and antlers of the six point whitetail deer. I left the rest to the viewers imagination to finish. The painting still reveals much of the under painting and pencil sketches. This is not to say that i am being lazy, just that I was trying something different. Sometimes I get frustrated and overwork some of my paintings by trying to get superb unneeded detail. Those paintings have been known to end up in the garbage. My wife is nice enough to dig them out before garbage pickup day. Also available as a Fine Art Print.

Artist:Chris Harman
Size:20"H x 38"W
Medium:Acrylic on Canvas
Price:Not for sale
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