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The Washboard Lady Mural.
She's a women of tradition, hard working and a part of history. Born from a logo that showed only a graphic image of a lady washing clothes on a washboard...I could not wait to paint my rendition of what a "washboard lady" surely looked like and her surroundings. Painting is 5'x12'.

Her Smile!
With so much to do in a day...simple pleasures were never taken for granted and the sunshine and light wind made for an enjoyable occasion to hang the clothes to dry!
Left Angle
Over 25 items are waiting to be found in this painting. The "key" to the left of the picture displays the many items that are hidden within the wall.
Before Video Games...
kids played outside, played marbles, tossed a ball around and breathed fresh air. The little puppy watches over and the day of play never ends!

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