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We invite you to browse our Online Photo Gallery and soon to come Stock Photos Pro Website where people can browse thousands of online photos ready for your personal, web, or print use.

It is a joy to show the world these captured moments through the eyes of two artists, Chris and Gina Harman. We hope to share a glimpse of nature, people and laughter. We flourish in a scene that is natural and unplanned - where the real world is waiting to be discovered. Many of the photos in this collection are simply "found art". We thank you for visiting our Photography Page and hope to hear from you soon. 
Coming soon - where customers can browse, puchase, and download photos for personal, web, or print use.

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Our Photography Background:

Chris Harman - Experienced in the field, enjoys bogs, frogs, wildlife, macros, fish, and the lake shore. Chris has many photos listed in the galleries on: (click here to view).

Gina Harman - Photographer since 1983. Photographer for the Escanaba Daily Press from 1985 to 1987. Work has appeared in the NY Times, Detroit Free Press, Chicago Tribune, etc... Projects/Clients include: The Traveling Vietnam Wall, Oswald Bear Ranch, Seney Wildlife Refuge, NY Times, R. Pino, The Glass House, and more. Some photos were taken by iphone8. (click here to view).

"Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom." - Albert Einstein

Stock Photos

Velvet Green Creations has traveled great distances for photoshoots for clients. Whenever possible, we can negotiate an onsite photoshoot for your website or personal collection.

For information please call or email us at:
(906)293-3625 or email: was utilized by the NY Times to locate a story. We found them a willing gentleman who lived here locally in the great Upper Peninsula of Michigan named Tim Quinlan. We did the photo shoot - making ink on April 18th.
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