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"What would Jesus do?"
"What would Jesus do?" Human Form Portrait Art Human Form Portrait Art Human Form Portrait Art What would Jesus do? by artist Chris Harman. This is a portrait painting of my son Jeremiah. At the age of 8 it was a time where our family attended church on a regular basis. Most all the kids at the time in our area would wear there W.W.J.D. bracelets. This portrait of my son was painted during that era of time. In this portrait me, my son and my daughter went for a ride while in the Mio, Michigan area where my Grandmother (Baba) lives. We stopped along the AuSable River to get out of the car and stretch our legs and as always we have fishing poles in the car year round. Jeremiah grabbed a pole and rigged it up and started fishing. It is common with our family that wherever you go there is always a lake, stream, river or pond. So comes the question which is the title of this portrait "What Would Jesus Do?".

Artist:Chris Harman
Size:30"H x 20"W
Medium:Acrylic on Canvas
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