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Michigan Tree Frogs, Upper Michigan Tree Frog, Gray Tree Frog - Also known as:  Hyla versicolor and H. Chrysoscelis
Michigan Gray Tree Frog Knocking at Our Door Frog at the Door
Living in a rural area amongst the forest and wetlands, you can never really be sure who wil be at your door.
by Gina Harman
It was a warm evening in mid August and we had just finished our supper when our daughter Jessie came running inside from the porch screaming.  It wasn't in fear, mainly because she is a Harman child and it was out of pure excitement!

"Knocking at the Door" by Gina Harman
"You wouldn't believe what's at the door!", she said so quickly, she sounded like an auctioneer.  We just knew it would have to be some type of wildlife.  When she told us to grab the camera, it was then I was absolutely certain that we were in for a treat.  I'm thinking maybe its a lunar moth like we found years before under the bright porch light.  Possible its a racoon in the garbage.  No, this was much better.  I felt like a representive to our company was knocking.  A relative to our logo, Mr. Frog.  I call all frogs "Billy" because of our children's book  "Pond Friends".  So when I walk around our big pond I say, "Hi Billy, hi Billy, hi Billy, etc...".  So on this particular evening after carefully opening the door (at the advise of Jess), at much to our surprise was a Michigan Gray Tree Frog!

The summer of 2009 has been so humid and warm - with a large amount of precipitation.  We have seen a great number of tree frogs.  Two nights ago we had another on our 2nd story kitchen window above the air conditioner!  We have had a growing population in our pond also.  I don't know what the Chinese calendar may say, but for the Harman's, its been the year of the frogs.  If we get any other rare visitors, I will add them to the site.  Keep thinking green and have a great year.

I don't know what the Chinese calendar may say, but for the Harman's, its been the year of the frogs.

From te Michigan DNR Website:
Tree frogs have large, sticky toe pads. Color can change gray, green, or brown, according to environment or  activity. Underside of hind legs yellow. 1 1/2 to 2 inches long. (The two species, Eastern and Cope's, are very similar in appearance and habits).

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