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Mothers Secret
Mothers Secret Original Bird Art Paintings Original Bird Art Paintings Original Bird Art Paintings Woodcock Painting - This is an original woodcock painting in acrylic on canvas painting by artist Gina Harman. The painting was derived from a walk out in the woods near our home. As a family we were out Morel Mushroom Picking. I was slowly walking - eyes focusing to find mushrooms and came up to this very well hidden mother woodcock. She was so beautiful! The bird blended perfectly with it's environment. Her quiet and gentle gaze was so riveting and patient! That day we ended up with a bag full of Morels and an inspiration for a painting that day. That part of the woods north of my home will always remain special to me because of "Mother's Secret". Oh - you may ask what the title means. Well, the secret is the number of eggs she is sitting on. I found out when she lifted upwards for a moment (I sat there and watched her for almost an hour). Painting size 11x14. SOLD (Sorry - this one went quick!)

Artist:Gina Harman
Size:11"H x 14"W
Medium:Acrylic on Canvas
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