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Kingfisher Original Bird Art Paintings Original Bird Art Paintings Original Bird Art Paintings Kingfishers hold a special place in many Bird Watcher's hearts! They are bold, colorful, brave, daring, and beautiful! They are often found near lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds watching and waiting for the perfect moment to dash downward into the water like a dart! Kingfisher was inspired by my love for both - birds and the Two Hearted River. Some of you may know that Earnest Hemmingway wrote the novel "The Big Two Hearted River". Here the story's main character - Nick, returns to the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan for tranquility, after serving in WWI. Like Nick, Hemmingway also searched for solitude just a few miles from my home. Kingfishers are found world wide. They have a very distinct piping call, then swoop into the water for fish, frogs, crayfish, and bugs. They can also see well in water! Many species live in the tropical regions.

Artist:Gina Harman
Size:11"H x 14"W
Medium:Acrylic on Canvas
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