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Velvet Green Creations Marketing uses extraordinary methods in making your website marketing a true success.  
We develop web optimization stragedies that will make your site "searchable" and successful through many avenues.  These opportunities increase with the amount of "relevant" data that is available throughout your website.  Our example to the right is where you can purchase online fudge, but also learn about the history of fudge, the types of fudge available, about the area in which the company resides in and more.

Michigan based companies also have the FREE marketing platforms of:

These Michigan based websites give our clients the opportunity to reach over 150,000  prospective clients per month.  This is free to all of our web customers.

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Already Have a Michigan Website and Need Marketing?
Click here to join the marketing plan.  For $50.00/year you can be listing within our Upper Michigan Web Directory for Lodging, Restaurants, Small Business and more.  For $200.00/year you can join our Banner Ad Program!  This will entitle you to 2 banner ads on our popular relavant pages.  »Click here for more formation!

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