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Oswald's Bear Ranch Oswald's Bear Ranch
Welcome to Oswald's Bear Ranch, located in Upper Michigan. This complex is the largest (bear only) Bear Ranch in the entire United States of America. Since opening to the public in 1997, Oswald's Bear Ranch as grown tremendously over the years. We now have 29 bears, 2 huge habitats (1/2 mile around each) and 2 smaller habitats. The yearling bears have a wonderful waterfall within their habitat. Oswald's Bear Ranch is one of the top ten family friendly Upper Michigan Attractions that is affordable and fun.

Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association
TASA is responsible for grooming and maintaining 128 miles of snowmobile trails that connect to other area trail systems that reach out throughout the entire Upper Peninsula of Michigan. To keep these snowmobile trails in top shape, it takes a lot of man power, hours of hard labor & committment.

Top of The Lake Snowmobile Museum Top of The Lake Snowmobile Museum
A non-profit antique and vintage snowmobile museum in Naubinway, Michigan. Currently, the snowmobile museum has 72 sleds owned by 24 people, 5 donated to the museum, along with a variety of donated memorabilia. All funds received from donated items at fundraisers are then used for museum operation.

U.P. Wide Adventure Guide U.P. Wide Adventure Guide
Visit a website created around a lady who can hunt, fish, kayak, rock climb and more! Kelly Nightlinger is the owner and your host for an adventure like no other. Visit this site to see this amazing guide!

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